Fork 3.7 released

Today we released Fork 3.7. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Spoon registry has been refactored out in favor of the Symfony DI container. See for more info.
  • Core: Don't throw exceptions in production mode on non-existing files.
  • Core: Implemented a cookie-bar, see for more information.
  • Core: use correct/new Facebook-js-snippet.
  • Users: more logical way of handling user-permissions, see #684.
  • Content blocks: only grab needed fields, see #669.
  • Core: better description for CKFinder maximum image size settings.
  • Core: used namespaces, see for more info
  • API: use isAuthorized() instead of authorize(), see for more info.
  • Core: CommonCookie and CommonUri are now in the src/Common folder
  • Core: unused function BackendModel::imageSave is removed in favor of generateThumbnails().
  • Core: removed duplicate mailer code and make the mailer a service


  • Correct amount of sample comments in blog
  • msgSequenceSaved was missing from core installer.
  • Core: Modified misleading text about CKFinder maximum image size setting.
  • Share with linkedin, fixed double url encoding.
  • Faq: getByTags did not work in backend.
  • Blog: fixes an issue where an incorrect revision could be used instead of the most recent one, see #680.
  • API: use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead of hardcoded /, fixes #682.


nevisande wrote 8 years ago