Fork 3.7.1 released

Today we released Fork 3.7.1. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: BackendModel::updateExtra() now has a serialization check when key === 'data'.
  • Blog: show image on preview
  • Core: add .editorconfig file


  • Locale: problem when saving Frontend locale fixed #744.
  • Core: Mailer uses \Exception.
  • Core: Frontend.js ajax url fixed
  • Core: Loading editor templates fixed, see #747
  • Analytics: Fixes action names to get data from Google Analytics, see #755
  • Extensions: you can now install custom themes again.
  • Pages: widget previous-next fixed.
  • Extensions: using 'Core' instead of 'core'.
  • Api client: some small fixes.
  • ContentBlocks: template gave error on capital letter in default.tpl.
  • Content blocks: fixes empty positions for content blocks


Jacob wrote 8 years ago

Nice to see this release. Is this with the twig template engine or is this scheduled for a later release?

Wouter Sioen wrote 8 years ago

The twig template engine isn't included in this release yet.

We're still working on integrating more Symfony components, but we don't have a fixed date yet.

Jacob wrote 8 years ago

Ok, i will wait ;). Is there a roadmap? It will help to build code with the community i think.

Wouter Sioen wrote 8 years ago

There isn't really a fixed roadmap, since we're mostly working on this in our free time. The github issues with tag "Symfony integration" could indicate some of the steps we're still have to take or are busy taking.