Fork 3.8.3 released

Today we released Fork 3.8.3. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: BackendModel::deleteModuleSetting() added.
  • Pages: add has_children variable to page array.
  • Location: when routing from A to B, <a href="URL"> has to change also, fixes #741.
  • Core: Integrated addRssLink() function, fixes #841.
  • Blog: making use of the new $this->header->addRssLink() function, fixes #841.
  • Core: minifier updated to a newer version.
  • Core: remove unneeded kernel.charset parameter from the parameters.yml file.
  • Core: refactor the URL classes to use the Symfony Request object.
  • Core: update the PHPDocs for some methods.
  • Pages: add a has_children variable to pages.
  • Core: add priority groups to add JavaScript in a certain order.
  • Blog: implement Twitter cards.
  • Extensions: check if a template file exists when adding/editing templates.
  • Locale: improve the filtering and export for translations.


  • Tags: fix wrong variable name.
  • Core: fix installation with different interface langauge(s).
  • Core: fix for dashboard ajax functions.
  • Core: make sure emails can be send from the backend.
  • Core: make setting cookies work on a domain with a custom port (not port 80).
  • Users: when a user becomes "non-active" remove his sessions so he gets logged out.
  • Faq: fix the highlighted row after adding or updating a question.
  • Faq: update edited_on date after processing feedback.