Fork 5.4.0 released

Today we released Fork 5.4.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Add way to display a collection in a symfony form as a tab #2597
  • Core: Added the twig debug extention to the backend when debug is enabled #2593
  • Core: Load tagged twig extensions in the backend #2594
  • Extensions: Add option to include translations in a theme #2064
  • MediaLibrary: Add options to control the amount of linked items #2607


  • Core: Update jQuery to the latest feature version in frontend #2615
  • Groups: Sort action rights alphabetically #2592
  • Locale: Improve error message when adding locale #2603
  • MediaLibrary: Changed the label for adding a folder to the root #2608
  • MediaLibrary: Improved the flow of adding new media #2612
  • MediaLibrary: Prevent deleting of folders that have subfolders #2606
  • MediaLibrary: Stop urlising the folder names #2605
  • Core: Updated composer and npm packages #2621


  • Core: Deprecated SpoonThumbnail in favour of the new Thumbnail service that works with imagine #2492


  • Core: Fix ck editors not working in collections #2596
  • Core: Fix labels not being translated #2595
  • Core: Fix not being able to empty the datepicker field #2617
  • Core: Fix readability of the general symfony form errors #2583
  • Core: Make Dutch translation to open the tree navigation more consistent #2581
  • Core: Place the log files in the environment directories #2609
  • Core: Removed obsolete stylesheet #2579
  • Faq: Fix adding category #2577
  • FormBuilder: Fix malformed xml in FormBuilder locale #2576
  • FormBuilder: Fix time field #2600
  • Locale: Fix glitch in translations inline edit #2599
  • MediaLibrary: Fix missing styling of the lightbox widget #2598
  • MediaLibrary: Fix validation #2601
  • Tests: Fix tests not working in non-multilingual websites that aren't in English #2585


  • Profiles: Add brute force protection for profiles #2584
  • Profiles: Make sure the login action is correct #2616
  • Profiles: Sanitize querystring before redirect after profile login #2613
  • Profiles: Sanitize redirect url after profile login #2620


  • Users: Removed old unused files directory #2618