Fork 5.5.1 released

Today we released Fork 5.5.1. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Capitalize action button values in collections #2742
  • Core: Capitalize action buttons in the datagrid #2740
  • Core: Cleanup and minor bugfixes based on scrutinizer #2731
  • Core: Delete space between asterisk and label #2761
  • Core: Dont show empty divs when there is no content #2756
  • Core: Fix BackendModel::getExtrasForData #2730
  • Core: Fix double breadcrumb in backend #2734
  • Core: Fix Form validation : Deprecated .context #2763
  • Core: Fix image link in ckeditor #2771
  • Core: Give a max width to the image thumbnail to respect the quality and ratio #2754
  • Core: Prevent the whole panel from getting focused when clicking on an item within #2744
  • Blog: Fix saving a draft of an existing blog post #2729
  • ContentBlocks: Dont show hidden content blocks #2755
  • FAQ: Fix overview page #2767
  • MediaLibrary: Fix the media url when adding link to file #2750
  • Profiles: Get the display name from the profile array #2753
  • Installer: Fix mod_rewrite check for php-fpm #2776


  • Core: Add integrity to yarn.lock #2775
  • Core: Check only for the existence of the Facebook API ID #2738
  • Core: Restyle image upload #2757
  • Blog: Use the default avatar path as default for gravatar instead of a 404 #2770


  • Core: Updated composer dependencies
  • Core: Updated composer yarn