Fork CMS 3.2.2 released

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Tuesday 24 January 2012

Today we released Fork 3.2.2. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: added an isPrice filter, also for text fields.
  • Core: added the text color for the hover states of buttons.
  • Core: when a datagrid column has a certain column title(hidden, visible, published, active), the datagrid will now automatically detect non-visible rows and mark them this way.
  • Core: init Facebook for its JS SDK when an admin or app id is set.
  • API: Added API::isValidRequestMethod($method) that checks if the request method of an incoming API call is valid for a given API method'.
  • Analytics: Fixed the cronjobs execution time, should only run once a day.
  • Blog, content blocks, pages: replaced the buttons for the use of versions or drafts by links with icons for consistency.
  • Blog: API methods are now limited to their correct request methods.
  • Extensions: improved the validation of the positions, as mention on by Dieter W.
  • Formbuilder: altered the splitchar, so "," can be used in values for dropdowns, checkboxes or radiobuttons.
  • Pages: editor will be larger by default.
  • Search: use a saveIndex function instead of addIndex and editIndex.


  • Core: module specific locale are now parsed in the templates when used in cronjobs, thanks to annelyze.
  • Core: Click To Edit above the editor should behave from now on.
  • Core: added the options for the theme-specific editor_content.css and and screen.css that will be loaded in the editor.
  • Analytics: Fixed the labels for keywords and referrers when updating through ajax.
  • Extensions: Made clear in cronjob info text that cronjob execution times have to be spread on servers with multiple fork installations.
  • Extensions: a notice was triggered when using invalid templatesyntax, as mentioned on
  • Mailmotor: improve visibility of ckeditor in mailmotor.


Дмитрий wrote 10 years ago

How i can update to 3.2.2 my fork-cms, if i`m allready use fork 3.2.1 ???

mlitn wrote 10 years ago

You can just overwrite the files