Fork CMS 3.2.7 released

  • Written by Matthias Mullie on Tuesday 28 February 2012

Today we released Fork 3.2.7. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: upgraded jQueryUI to 1.8.18
  • Core: fixed XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Core: refactored code to unify setting/getting module/action and added additional checks for validity.


  • Core: fixed issue where media-embed would always embed the media in the last editor, not the selected one.
  • Tags: fixed call to deprecated (removed) method, which caused "related" widget to malfunction.


Mark Meijers wrote 12 years ago

I have an issue:

after selecting a theme to use, I cannot edit the .tpl files anymore. I can edit them, but the changes won't be visible on the website. The only way to apply the changes is to copy the altered theme and rename the entire theme. Could this be fixed or am I doing something wrong?

Koen Vinken wrote 12 years ago

Have you set debug to true?