New GitHub labels

You may have noticed that we cleaned up the labels we use for issues/pull requests on GitHub. We now follow the same structure as the Symfony repository. We use these different types of labels:

  • Module/Bundle labels
  • Priority labels (RFC, enhancement, unconfirmed, feature, bug, critical)
  • BC Break
  • DX (developer experience)
  • Easy pick
  • Symfony integration

The module/bundle labels are self-explanatory. We add these to all issues/pull request related to one module, to make it easer to see related issues.

This is what our priority labels stand for:

  • RFC: request for comments. You want this change, but it is up for discussion whether other developers will like it.
  • Enhancement: A change that will make the CMS better but isn't that important.
  • Unconfirmed: An issue we can't reproduce, but it should be fixed if we can catch it.
  • Feature: A new feature we'd really like in the CMS.
  • Bug: Oops, something doesn't work. This should be fixed, preferably in the next release.
  • Critical: This bug is really problematic and should be fixed as soon as possible. A new release should be made when it is fixed.

The BC Break label shows us the issues or pull requests that will change things in the CMS or that will make module/theme development different. A great example of this is a change in the database structure. This means that all modules that use these features will need to be reworked. We try to never put changes like these in minor version updates and to write documentation about these changes.

The DX label was introduced by Symfony not that long ago. This one is added to issues that make it harder for developers to use a product. This may be documentation issues, problems when getting started,... You can read more about it here:

The easy pick label indicates that an issue is rather easy to solve. It helps new contributors to find a place to dive in. It was first introduced by Jordi Boggiano, the creator of composer. You can read his motivation to introduce this label here:

The Symfony integration label is something Fork-specific. We want to track our progress in moving towards full stack Symfony integration. This label makes it easier for us to see which work should still be done and is in progress.


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