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  • Written by Dieter Wyns on Thursday 31 October 2013

By far the most important factor of an open-source product is the community. The people behind a project bring innovation, durability, maintenance and great features. Therefore it's important that their vision and ideas are reflected onto a public dashboard. profile example

With Profiles we take a first step on showing the faces behind Fork CMS. For now, your own profile allows you to share your Extensions and Showcase items into a centralised list. The functionality will expand over time, with a truly transparent platform as end goal. To maintain control and guarantee the same level of quality we review each entry.

Along with the profiles comes the ability to subscribe to our new newsletter. Again, we want to focus on quality. The subscribers will receive an email when a major version is released or other significant updates.

Stay tuned!



Dave wrote 5 months ago

Where can we download your CMS software?

Dieter Wyns wrote 5 months ago

Hi Dave, you can download Fork CMS from

Although I appreciate your comments, it looked a lot like you were using them for SEO backlinks. I deleted the keywords and replaced them with your first name. Thank you for understanding.

Dave wrote 4 months ago

Thanks Dieter. I noticed that you keep updating your software to be better. We're trying different CMS for experience purposes. Which hosting company do you recommend for Fork?