Tip: Hidden actions

Some modules in Fork CMS have backend actions that are not visible in the menu. These are functions you don't need for regular website management but can come in handy when doing specific tasks. You access these actions by directly entering the url in your browser's address bar.

Blog: Import Wordpress (New!)

When moving your blog from Wordpress to Fork CMS this might be a life saver. Just take an export from your wordpress blog, import it and thank Toon for his contribution.

It will insert blogposts and comments in the fork blog module, and download the images from the original wordpress to the frontend/files/userfiles/images/blog directory, replacing any links to them in the blogposts with correct links to their new location. The imported blogposts will be assigned to existing fork users with the same email address as the original creator of the post. If that user doesn't exist, the post is assigned to the fork admin user.

Import Wordpress blog in Fork CMS

Use via /blog/import_wordpress

Locale: Analyse

Ever wondered if your website missed a translation? The analyse action simply provides an overview of missing translations. It provides an overview of untranslated items and where they are used. The action always uses the current working language.

Find untranslated labels

Use via /locale/analyse

Pages: Copy

Setting up a multilingual website can be speed up by just copying pages from one language to another with this handful action. Be aware that this feature is experimental. It's advised to take a back-up before using it.

Use this via /pages/copy?from=en&to=gr

What do you use hidden actions for?



Thomas wrote 8 years ago

Do you have any plan/deadlines to make the "Pages: copy" not experimental anymore and integrated within the UI?