Welcoming our GitHub Moderator: Jeroen Desloovere

Next to our forum moderator we would like to introduce Jeroen who will follow up the GitHub issues and pull-requests. In this way we would like to improve the response time on incoming bug reports. He already started with tagging the current open issues and introducing a new tag: Discussion required. Whenever this tag is assigned the issue will get discussed during the next technical meeting.

Jeroen works as PHP Web Developer at a Belgian communication agency Siesqo, they chose Fork CMS as their preferred CMS and regularly contribute back. But also after work hours Jeroen is an active community member. Hardly a day goes by without him having an open pull-request ready.

Follow Jeroen on Twitter or GitHub via siesqo and deslooverej.

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Welcoming our first moderator: John Poelman

Last week we introduced our integrated forum which made it possible to gain support, manage extensions or contribute with only a GitHub account. A new group of moderators will help us to maintain the forum and improve support to new Fork CMS members. As first member of the group, meet John Poelman!

John is a well-known Fork CMS community member and with more than 350 replies one of the most active members of the old forum. Two years ago he made his first pull-request and didn't stop since.

His side project Instathals shows already 386 instagram photos of his hometown Herentals. On his blog - based on Fork CMS off-course - you'll find a variety of technological articles, visit at bloobz.be. Follow him on Twitter and GitHub.

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New integrated forum

A few new users warned us that their forum topics didn't show up on the forum like they were supposed to. Besides, new users needed to register for another account just to ask a question. That's why we integrated a new forum into our support section. You can now report bugs, contribute code / documentation / translations, discuss, ask questions, comment or manage your extensions with only a GitHub account.

The next step is moving all discussions from the old forum to the new one, until the move is complete the old forum will still be accessible. The forum module will also be open-sourced later on.

Fork CMS support screenshot

We hope you'll find all the answers you need on our renewed support section. If not, ask around on the new forum!

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Profiles on fork-cms.com

  • Written by Dieter Wyns on Thursday 31 October 2013

By far the most important factor of an open-source product is the community. The people behind a project bring innovation, durability, maintenance and great features. Therefore it's important that their vision and ideas are reflected onto a public dashboard.

Fork-cms.com profile example

With Profiles we take a first step on showing the faces behind Fork CMS. For now, your own profile allows you to share your Extensions and Showcase items into a centralised list. The functionality will expand over time, with a truly transparent platform as end goal. To maintain control and guarantee the same level of quality we review each entry.

Along with the profiles comes the ability to subscribe to our new newsletter. Again, we want to focus on quality. The subscribers will receive an email when a major version is released or other significant updates.

Stay tuned!

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New in Fork CMS 3.6.2: Better event-tracking for Google Analytics

External links (or Outbound links) are not tracked by Google Analytics, although it can be helpful to have data about the amount of clicks on a certain link. Since the beginning of Fork CMS 3 we track outbound links by adding an event tracker on the link. In our newest release we improved the tracking by adding support for mailto-links and internal anchors.

The script is based on an example of Lars Corneliussen. It provides a nicer overview of all tracked links in your Google Analytics.

Top events in Google Analytics

Example usage: Use a secondary dimension in Google Analytics to see on which page mailto links were clicked.

Google Analytics mailto events with secondary dimension

Developers can review the changes in the pull-request on GitHub.

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Display your traffic with the visitors module

The visitors module is a new Fork module created at Wijs to show recent visitors an a map. It uses Google Analytics integration and Google maps to fetch data and nicely display it. Next to these visitors, items from other modules can be shown on this map. The code is crafted for easy integration with other modules. You can add a location to these linked items and show them on the map with a link to their detail page.

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