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Custom properties for pages

I am new to Fork, and already like it a lot!

In the particular project I'm working on, I was wondering what would be a good approach for adding custom properties to pages?

I would like to offer a number of front-end features that could be enabled or disabled per page (such as a print button, or some additional front-end javascript).

I realize that my goal can be achieved in a number of ways - e.g. by designing a number of different templates, or by asking the page author (my client) to include specific blocks on a per-page basis.

But actually, what I'm looking for is something as simple as a list of checkboxes, a bit like the backend's Page Settings. The closest I've gotten to the checkbox approach is to make use of special tags that trigger the desired behavior in the rendered page.

If I have overlooked some existing functionality, or if what I'm asking is not too complex to realize using a custom module, I'd be very interested to hear about this.

Thx in advance, Bjoern

I don't think this is possible without making a few changes to the core. I would make a couple of templates like u said?

OK, cool. Not too keen on modifying the core of a CMS that I'm just getting familiar I will use the template approach, I guess :-D


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