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Domain per language


I'm going to select the best CMS for multilingual site and looks that Fork is very good :)

But I need to bound for specific domain: for English language for Russian

Does it possible create multidomain multilingual site using Fork CMS?

I don't think that's possible (without custom development). It's easy to create a multilingual site with Fork CMS, but not for dedicated domain names. You would have an and, etc...

What you can do, is redirect to maybe? Someone also probably mentioned that you can copy all pages from one language to another with a hidden action. More info about it here:

Note that Fork CMS thinks that a website in different languages should not be necessarily the same. So you don't have a single page in the admin panel that you can translate into multiple languages. No, you have a separate website for every language. Some pages are not needed in every languages so you only add pages that are needed in that new language. Because for every language, it's a separate website, this can be a bit harder to maintain. It's something that caused some discussion already, but if we can think of a good generic UX flow for both use cases (separate websites for every language OR 1:1 exact copy of the website but with different translations) then it could maybe change in the future.


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