Multivariate Testing

This Multivariate Testing module has everything you need to do your own Multivariate Testing on your website. Just create a test, add different versions to it and integrate it in your website as a widget. It's as simple as that! No need for your to be an expert in online marketing, with this module you yourself can be the online marketeer.

Some features include:

  • Adding and editing multiple tests
  • Create tests containing only content blocks
  • Create tests containing only forms
  • Create tests containing both content blocks and forms
  • Running multiple tests at the same time
  • Testing content blocks
  • Testing forms build with the Form Builder module (integrated in the default Fork CMS)
  • Generating an overview of your test versions
  • Visualise hourly or daily overviews of your test version's click-through rate
  • API for easy integration with third party applications

Not compatible with the latest Fork CMS version. This module needs an upgrade!


Sellato wrote 2 years ago

Good day!

Can your convert your module for working with ForkCMS 3.7

Fatal error: Class 'ModuleInstaller' not found in J:\web\htdocs\forkcms.rup\src\Backend\Modules\multivariate_testing\installer\installer.php on line 16


ferties04 wrote 14 hours ago

Thank you for this information Very Valuable.

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