Panakeia is a flexible and responsive fork theme. Much like the Greek legend it tries to be a universal remedy for small websites and blogs. It has a flexible and adaptable brand which gives you a strong base to setup your visual communication.

Make sure you check the blog items on to know about all features of this theme.


Creare Site wrote 1 year ago

this is the best Fork CMS theme.

Duocang wrote 1 month ago

Really appreciate your great website, big thanks!

Megarom wrote 1 month ago

Very good theme. Thank you!

Megarom wrote 1 month ago

Also very clean and good looking.

Rustam wrote 1 month ago

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Shofea wrote 1 month ago

Usef it on my website :

Works like a charm.

Rustam wrote 3 weeks ago

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bmi calculator wrote 3 weeks ago

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Aspiweb wrote 2 weeks ago

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Rustam wrote 2 weeks ago

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jeanjean wrote 2 weeks ago

Excellent extension, one of my favorite !

bhim2 wrote 1 week ago

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ankurr5421 wrote 1 week ago

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AnnaFox wrote 1 week ago

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AnnaFox wrote 1 week ago

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maodzedun wrote 4 days ago

Love your cms, thx alot for it

whitees wrote 2 days ago

Panakea is great theme, i love fork cms. Great Work.

Dronershoke wrote 1 day ago

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