Panakeia is a flexible and responsive fork theme. Much like the Greek legend it tries to be a universal remedy for small websites and blogs. It has a flexible and adaptable brand which gives you a strong base to setup your visual communication.

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hawwerkaschde wrote 2 months ago

not working on 4.5.3

chamiyamodal wrote 2 weeks ago

Worked for me thanks.

<a href=""> google searching </a>

chamiyamodal wrote 2 weeks ago

Worked for me but it have some glitches. Thanks for posting it.

tertip wrote 1 week ago

binasa wrote 1 week ago

The Bull Magazine - Women&'s Investor Intelligence. Time: Schedule a fixed time daily to rotate the stop smoking tracks.

tertip wrote 1 week ago

This company logo at is supposed to be about VISUAL storytelling, but the Kindle version has teenty-tiny images that you can barely see – let alone appreciate.

walis wrote 5 days ago

thank you so much broo

mikemoon wrote 5 days ago

Love your site~

ted90 wrote 2 days ago


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The bottom line is that everyone loves Fork.