Feature Request: A/B Testing

Theres an interesting discussion on our forum about integrating A/B testing. We want your feedback about this hot feature!

What would it look like?

Mathias Mullie suggests this approach:

  • It should be possible to create multiple campaigns. Such campaign is then an "extra" that can be attached to a position on a page (e.g. the way it is possible to link a location, or contentblock, ... to a page)
  • Per such campaign, in the A/B-test module, one could create multiple "versions", for which each can get a percentage to be displayed at, …
  • [Advanced] Such "version" could look like a simplified pages: it could be possible to choose from a certain view per version, and attach multiple widges/editors. Upon page execution, all of these would then be executed upon pageview (depending on the selected version), and the combined output would then be assigned to pages, like any other widget (which means all of the code to handle this should be in the A/B-test module)
  • [Simple] For an initial version though, I wouldn't make it too complex and instead of pages-like functionality, I'd look more in the direction of contentblocks: just 1 editor per version, where it is possible to choose a different .tpl per editor. 

What is your idea? Do you have a good example?


A lot of marketeers already use different tools to do A/B tests. As with our analytics and mailmotor features we would like to integrate these tools. Already suggested tools:

Which tools do you use for A/B testing?

Feedback and helping

Do you want to help building the A/B testing feature or do you have any feedback about this topic? Feel free to join the discussion on our forum!