Fork 2.0.1 released

  • Written by Davy Hellemans on Wednesday 3 November 2010

Today we released Fork 2.0.1, our first bugfix release.


  • added correct .gitignore-files and ignored .git
  • fixed some stuff so app is ready for deployment with Capistrano
  • added a script to minify stuff from backend (and put in correct folder)
  • core: files with extension jpeg are allowed from now on in TinyMCE imagemanager.
  • core: installer required javascript to be enabled, so added a check.
  • core: installer will clear previous cached data
  • core: database-port is now configurable
  • core: minor improvements for user-interface.
  • core: improved BackendMailer
  • core: fixed some labels
  • core: when a template used by the mailer exist in the theme it will overule the default
  • core: Better styling for drag/drop tables + addded success message after reorder
  • core: upgraded CSSToInlineStyles to the latest version
  • core: added a method to build a backend URL from the frontend
  • blog: fixed installer (comments, rights, ..)
  • blog: added a feed on each article with the comments for that article
  • blog: added a feed with all comments (on all articles)
  • blog: added notification on new comments (settings in backend)
  • pages: Made it possible to move stuff from tree into an empty meta-navigation
  • mailmotor: preview is now sent with BackendMailer.
  • mailmotor: utf8 instead of latin1.
  • mailmotor: synced TinyMCE "look and feel" from core
  • bugfix: tinyMCE stripped the embed-tag
  • bugfix: comment_count on blogarticles ignored the archived/draft status
  • bugfix: spam comments couldn't be removed.
  • bugfix: generating an URL for a block didn't passed the language in the recursive part.
  • bugfix: correct detection of sitemap-page
  • bugfix: fixed some calls to BackendPagesModel::buildCache() (language should be passed)
  • bugfix: deleting a blog post resulted in an error (thx to Frederik Heyninck)
  • bugfix: pages disappear when moving in seperate pages
  • bugfix: when deleting a blog-category blogpost were not moved into the default category
  • bugfix: CURLOPT_xxx options should be integer/constants instead of strings
  • bugfix: limited index length for table modules_settings to overcome SQL error 'Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes'
  • bugfix: datepicker days of week are now correct
  • bugfix: fixed UTF-8 issue in contact-module, remember we're using UTF-8, so mails should have teh correct meta-tag
  • bugfix: fixed issue with addURLParameters-method, which fucked up URLs with a hash in them.
  • bugfix: fixed comment-count on overview.
  • bugfix: when a module was linked, and the block was changed, you couldn't select module again. (thx to Frederik Heyninck)


Frederik Heyninck wrote 12 years ago

Downloading :)

Tijs Verkoyen wrote 12 years ago

Zoals je kan zien in de changelog zijn er een aantal zaken gedaan om deployment met Capistrano mogelijk te maken. Hoe precies kan je lezen op:

CosmicD wrote 12 years ago


since I did the new update, i always get the following aove the website:

Notice: Use of undefined constant DB_PORT - assumed 'DB_PORT' in /home/cosmicd/ on line 114

I've read something about removing cache files or so but that cache remove scripts sits in a private directory that isn't publicly accessible and I can't execute it (it's remote)

How can I fix this ?

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

@CosmicD: The installer will set this constant in globals.php, but if you didn't reinstall it won't be there.

You can add it manually, open /library/globals.php and add the code below after line 40:

// database port

define('DB_PORT', '3306');

CosmicD wrote 12 years ago

aah, thx that did it..

So should I reinstall always with these betas ? Are the databases upgraded or do you need to delete them ?

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

@CosmicD: reinstall is the best way. In most cases it won't be necessary.