Fork 2.0.2 released

  • Written by Bart De Waele on Wednesday 24 November 2010

Today we released Fork 2.0.2.


  • Added .gitignore files again
  • Upgraded jQuery and jQuery UI to latest version
  • Upgrades Spoon to reflect the latest changes on their repo (extra methods in SpoonLocale)
  • Core: added a modifier to format a string as currency (frontend)
  • Core: added a modifier to format a string as a float (backend)
  • Blog: when the rss_image.png exists in your theme, it will automatically be used in your rss feed.
  • moved the code for default RSS-image into FrontendRSS
  • Pages: added sorting for extras in dropdowns
  • Bugfix: extra's weren't populated when the template was changed
  • Bugfix: URL was changed when moved if the page was an direct subaction as reported in
  • Bugfix: contactmodule has no backend, so no button should appear in the pages-module, as reported on
  • Core: password strength-meter should report passwords with less then 4 charachters as weak, as reported on
  • Core: added a script that enables us to restore the directory/file-structure like Fork wasn't installed before
  • Tags: added a tagcloud-widget
  • Core: added an extra modifier to grab page related info (getpageinfo)
  • Bugfix: mass checkbox and mass dropdown behaviour now function as intended
  • Bugfix: z-index of modal and resize-handle, as reported in
  • Mailmotor: corrected some labels
  • Mailmotor: added a warning if the module isn't linked (so preview won't trigger a 404)
  • Bugfix: FrontendRSS now handles an encoded RSS title as intended
  • Core: added some labels
  • Core: added an new modifier "formatfloat"
  • Contact: added author in the subject of the mails, so spam can be detected without checking the email, and won't mess up threads
  • Tags: fixed some todo's, fixed some stupid code, wrote markup that can be used in a real life project for the default template
  • Locale: Implemented some remarks on Locale-module, see
  • Styled analyze function of locale module
  • Added docs page on installing
  • Core: added a modifier to strip the tags from a string (frontend)
  • Bugfix: FrontendRSS, special chars should de decoded (thx to Unrated)
  • Blog: added a method to get related
  • Bugfix: fixed the config of the file- and imagemanager so they can handle symlinks. (and deployment)
  • TinyMCE nows get a TinyActive class when active. Fixed Fork tinyMCE skin bugs including wide scrollbar. (always wrap a tinyMCE in <div class="options"> or <div class="optionsRTE">)


Jonas De Smet wrote 13 years ago

Waarom staat de code niet publiek beschikbaar op een site zoals github? Dan is het pas echt opensource en kunnen mensen uit de community meehelpen het cms verbeteren...

Wolf wrote 13 years ago

@Jonas Fork on Github: coming soon!

Michael Mattan

Michael Mattan wrote 13 years ago

I want to perform an upgrade to this version, but I would like to know whether there have been any changes to the database?

Can I simply overwrite the php-files on the server? Or do I have to perform a full re-install?


Jasper@idetec wrote 13 years ago

Same question as previous poster.

Dave wrote 13 years ago

@Michael, @Jasper:

Minor releases (2.0.x) will never have DB changes.

As for your files; you can overwrite them, but should you need a reinstall (and you're on a *nix system) you can use the 'prepare_for_reinstall' shell script in the "tools" folder. This clears the cache files and the globals, and enables you to run the installer again.


Martijn wrote 13 years ago

Wanneer kunnen we een nieuwe versie verwachten?

Ik zie dat de netlash website een aantal modules gebruikt die voor de rest van de wereld ook heel nuttig kunnen zijn ... worden die ook publiek gemaakt? Komt er maw een online modulesDB?

En hoe staat het met de documentatie?

Bram Vanderhaeghe wrote 13 years ago


Expect more to come in the following months.

Tim wrote 13 years ago

Found a little bug.


in /default_www/backend/core/engine/mailer.php

line 114:

change: $cssToInlineStyles->setEnconding(SPOON_CHARSET);



Bram Vanderhaeghe wrote 13 years ago

Thanks Tim!

Btw, we have a bug tracker:

(I admit, it's a bit hidden. We're working on an improved fork-cms website)

Tijs Verkoyen wrote 13 years ago

@Tim: this was fixed some time ago, you can follow the changes on github: