Fork 2.1.0 released

  • Written by Davy Hellemans on Monday 14 March 2011

Today we released Fork 2.1.0.
Keep in mind that this release is not 100% backwards compatible, hence the new major release. You can also follow Fork on github.


  • IE-stylesheets aren't loaded by default, this is the task of the front-end dev (as requested/indicated by Yoni)
  • Force forms to use UTF-8
  • Blog categories now use the meta-object
  • Cronjobs can now be triggerd from the CLI, as requested on
  • Core: improvments for numberformatting
  • Tools: scripts are now using find
  • Bugfix: Disabled the imagemanagers contextmenu because there are still issues (according to the TinyMCE developers :s)
  • Bugfix: $_GET-parameters were double urldecode, as reported on
  • Bugfix: navigation used to give notices with hidden/excluded pages
  • Bugfix: autoloader path to frontendbaseajaxaction was incorrect
  • Bugfix: setting a language for an ajax-call on non-multilanguage sites wat a bit * ehm * fubar
  • Bugfix: when deleting a content_block, the HTML-field for the block should be set to an empty string (thx to Frederik Heyninck)
  • Core: renamed addCSSFile to addCSS, to reflect the backend (thx to Frederik Heyninck)
  • Bugfix: loading of classes in getWarnings should use SpoonFilter::toCamelCase instead of ucfirst (thx to Frederik Heyninck)
  • Pages: added the getForTags-method
  • Core: added JS to enable placeholder-behaviour in browsers that doesn't support placeholders
  • Core: made it possible for cronjobs to use BackendMailer
  • Core: made it possible to use setColumnConfirm on other columns that haven't a link as value
  • Core: made it possible to highlight elements via a GET parameter
  • Bugfix: tagBox and multipleTextbox now work as intended when typing the splitchar
  • Bugfix: multipleTextbox no longer blocks the form submit in specific cases
  • Bugfix: widgets now also use theme templates (if available)
  • Core: using data-attribute instead of rel
  • Blog: reimplemented drafts
  • Bugfix: recalculate num_comments so the new revision has the correct count
  • Core: fixed a lot of code to reflect the styleguide
  • Bugfix: SpoonFileCSV was triggering a warning when no exclude-columns were provided
  • Core: backendMailer will remove tags from the subject
  • Core: added the passwordword generator into the frontend
  • Bugfix: selecting a template in teh mailmotor wasn't working in IE, as reported on
  • Bugfix: non-existing items were included in the getAll-method
  • Core: non-absolute urls are replaced when using Backend/Frontend-mailer
  • Bugfix: multipleSelectbox is now working as it was intended
  • Core: it is now possible to tell the code not to add a timestamp on the url for CSS/JS
  • Bugfix: changing the working language was redirecting to dashboard instead of the module, as reported on
  • Bugfix: editing a tag was calling an non existing method
  • Content blocks: make sure you add an extra column "extra_id"
  • Bugfix: Blog was using the revision-id instead of the id for retrieving tags
  • Core: Facebook should be add in the footer instead of the header
  • Core: improvment for pagination (should fix
  • Blog: it is now possible to remove all spam at once
  • Pages: extra validation, so home can't have any blocks
  • Pages: improvement for changing extra's, as requested on
  • Bugfix: mailmotor was reporting empty groups when adding a newsletter, as reported on
  • Bugfix: minifying the CSS files should replace path to images, as reported on
  • Core: dashboard can now be customized by the user
  • Tools: added a script to generate statistics for the codebase
  • Core: isCached now always returns false when SPOON_DEBUG is true
  • FormBuilder: added the formbuilder module.
  • Mailmotor: now works with CampaignMonitor API v3
  • Mailmotor: reworked settings; You can now unlink accounts and choose an existing client to link with.
  • Mailmotor: thanks to the reworked import functionality in the CM API v3, the address-import should go a lot faster.
  • Mailmotor: you can now pick your own default groups after importing data of an existing client.
  • Core: Integrated Facebook in the frontend, when an Facebook-app is configured, a facebook-instance will be available in the reference (Spoon::getObjectReference('facebook')). When the user has granted the correct permission you will be able to communicate with Facebook as that user.
  • Bugfix: changing a page template to a template with more blocks caused an exception.
  • Pages: use the new Triton theme when installing a new Fork with example data.
  • Pages: hidden pages don't have the view-button anymore, as requested on
  • Bugfix: Metanavigation subpages not shown in backend, as reported on
  • Dashboard: Fixed issue with dashboard that wasn't scalling anymore, as reported on
  • When FB-admin-ids are given, the facebook-statistics-tag is added on all pages


Martijn Dierckx wrote 12 years ago


Can't wait to try it!

Brecht Billiet wrote 12 years ago

keep up the good work;)