Fork 2.2.0 released

  • Written by Davy Hellemans on Wednesday 1 June 2011

Today we released Fork 2.2.0.
Keep in mind that this release is not 100% backwards compatible, hence the new major release. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • inline editing for blog-categories wasn't working anymore, as reported on
  • when an error was thrown while inline editing, the element wasn't destroyed.
  • title of blogpost had inline-editing enabled while this isn't implemented.
  • options aren't visible elements for webkit-browsers. So submittinng the first parent-form was failing in mass-actions.
  • improve "incomplete" (autocomplete) searching for multiple words (only the last word should be considered incomplete.)
  • removed empty widgets, as reported on
  • hover-event wasn't unbind correctly when sorting the widgets was done.
  • importing addresses into the mailmotor was borked, as reported on
  • focusFirst was focusing on an element on hidden tabs, as reported on
  • click on tab wasn't working decent in IE, as reported on
  • page-revisions were interfering with blog-revisions, as reported on
  • theme-css is now loaded again into TinyMCE.
  • only remove language from querystring when we have multiple languages.
  • backend interface language was not set according to our installer selection.
  • added the correct anchor on the blog commentform, fixes:
  • create category dialog in blogmodule wasn't working when there weren't no categories, as reported on
  • datefields weren't populated with the date that was set, as reported on


  • when using datefields with till, from, range set, it will be validated according the type.
  • changed theme's folder layout to match codebase folder layout - folder 'layout/' should be included in theme;.
  • changed addJavascript function to addJS (consistency with addCSS + less typing.)
  • added class FrontendTheme with functions pertaining to themes. Bundled functionality to fetch a file's theme path to this class.
  • added template modifier 'getPath', to fetch the desired path to a file (theme file if available, core file otherwise.)
  • no more need to enter absolute path to core or theme template in an include (still possible though); template compiler will use theme file if available, core file otherwise.
  • removed scratch theme. Triton is now the default theme.
  • templates are now linked to a theme.
  • only show templates belonging to a specific selected theme.
  • theme switch will automatically link pages to templates of the new theme.
  • when a new template with less blocks is selected for a page, the redundant blocks' content will be kept.
  • blocks data does not get lost when switching template/theme.
  • content blocks can now be linked to a content block-template.
  • locales analyse-tool will check only the active modules from now on.
  • added a jQuery-plugin to implement a passwordGenerator./li>
  • added the possibility to add attachments to the frontend/backend mailers.
  • when calling *Form::getTemplateExample() an example that reflect the correct markup for that application will be returned.
  • default jQuery-theme is now Aristo (see:
  • made datepickerstuff available in the frontend.
  • made it possible to change the amount of blocks for templates that are in use. When blocks are removed, the content will no longer be shown; when blocks are added, the defaults will be pushed to the existing pages.
  • creating categories can now be done without leaving the add/edit screen.
  • changes to improve the usability: no more default category, users are forced to select a category if there are multiple categories.
  • when filtered on a category and clicked on link to add a post the category will be prefilled.
  • in the dropdown to filter on a category the count is now included.
  • when canceling adding a new category the previous selected one will be reselected, as reported on
  • Redirecting to childpages (if there is no content) will now use 301-code.
  • implemented drafts, similar to Blog.
  • when changing templates the textual-content isn't deleted anymore.
  • you can now import/export locale from/to xml. The installers also use xml's.
  • export for missing locale.
  • remove deprecated insertLocale function.
  • created an incredibly nasty hotfix for some deprecated PHP functionality.
  • added extra validation (reported on
  • added extra validation for adding address(es).
  • adding multiple addresses now uses the multipleTextbox-functionality.
  • refactored pages installation.
  • split up step languages & modules into 2 steps; moved db step behind those.
  • ask for backend interface languages seperate from frontend languages.


Bart De Clercq wrote 12 years ago

Nice, will use this version for the next project!

Goedkope vakanties wrote 12 years ago

Thats one giant changelog!