Fork 2.5.0 released

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Tuesday 12 July 2011

Today we released Fork 2.5.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Pages: Don't show hidden extras in the widget- and block-dropdowns.
  • Pages: hidden pages_extras don't get shown in the template anymore.
  • Pages: when editing a page with a external redirect there was an error because of the disabled field, fixed the JS, as reported on



Brecht Billiet wrote 12 years ago

Nice Release!

One 'bug': With a clean install with example data you have to save a page for each language first. Otherwise it will throw an error.

Just saying...

For the rest very nice job guys!!

Dieter Vanden Eynde wrote 12 years ago

@Brecht: the bug is fixed in 2.5.2. Tx for noticing.