Fork 2.6.9 released

  • Written by Bart De Waele on Tuesday 20 September 2011

Today we released Fork 2.6.9. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: Upgraded jQuery to 1.6.4.
  • Core: When an image/filefield is added in the backend the max_upload_size is added as a helpmessage, thx to Martijn Dierckx, see:
  • Core: Added an api-method to remove an apple-device token.
  • Core: Emails are now send base64 encoded. This to prevent that linebreaks, which are added when the max text line length is reached, corrupt the content.
  • Blog: Added an api-method to grab a single comment.
  • Blog: When calling blog.comments.UpdateStatus you can pass multiple ids by seperating them with a ,.
  • Tags: Overview is now sorted alphabetically.


  • Blog: Fixed a bug in the blog module where it called an unexisting FrontendTag-function, thx to jelmersnoeck.



kiwus wrote 12 years ago

your demo seems broken, can you have a look at it?

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

Kiwus, the demo resets every 2hours.