Fork 3.9.0 released

Today we released Fork 3.9.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Settings: test email connection with SwiftMailer.
  • Formbuilder: added the possibility to add date & time fields.
  • Settings: test email connection with SwiftMailer
  • Core: refactor out SELF constant
  • Core: removed the Facebook-class-dependency
  • Core: added an option to truncate a string without breaking words
  • Blog: add functional tests for the frontend.
  • Faq: add functional tests for the frontend.
  • Search: add functional tests for the frontend.
  • Authentication: add functional tests for the backend.
  • API: add functional tests.
  • Core: add unit tests for some template modifiers
  • Core: build Fork using continious integration with Travis CI.
  • Core: upgrade jQuery to version 1.11.3
  • Locale: load all cache from json
  • FormBuilder: reply to email can now only be put on an email field
  • Tags: improve the alt text for the "remove tag" button by including the tag name
  • Core: redirect using an exception instead of an exit statement
  • Core: update the included Facebook SDK to v4
  • Core: refactor out BACKEND_MODULE_PATH constant
  • Core: use the swiftmailerbundle instead of our custom implementation


  • Core: fix not correctly thrown exception
  • Formbuilder: quotes and special chars are now allowed in values for radiobuttons.
  • Core: the hash is now included when it is used in a form, so on submit it should automagically go to the form.
  • Core: make sure mails with encryption can be send trough SMTP
  • Core: add a .htaccess in the app dir to block all access
  • Locale: fix updating locale trough ajax when no application is set
  • Core: make sure bugemails work again