Fork 3.9.2 released

Today we released Fork 3.9.2. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: every template can now check if it has a certain parent id with {option:isChildOfPageX}
  • Locale: improve performance of the index page
  • Core: reduced database queries in BackendDataGridFunctions::getUser().
  • Core: Replace SITE_MULTILANGUAGE with $container->getParameter('site.multilanguage')
  • Core: Replace SPOON_DEBUG_EMAIL with $container->getParameter('fork.debug_email')
  • Core: Replace SPOON_CHARSET with $container->getParameter('kernel.charset')
  • FormBuilder: use the event dispatcher from Symfony to send the email
  • Core: allow installed modules to subscribe their own configuration/services
  • Core: enable gzip compression on svg files
  • Core: rename BlockIsHTML to BlockIsEditor


  • Core: Fixed bug with decoding in truncate modifier
  • Core: Fixed encoding ampersand for action url
  • Groups: Fix (in add/edit) for executing widgets for which the module doesn't exists.
  • Mailmotor: Fix wrongly cased classname
  • Blog: make sure images can get reverted together with their revision
  • Formbuilder: Fix reply option