Fork 3.9.3 released

Today we released Fork 3.9.3. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Improve the inheritance of code and avoid duplicate code.
  • FormImage has now mime type hinting so only images will be visible in the file-dialog.
  • composer-create-project is now the default way of installing fork.
  • Added some headers to increase the security.
  • Only inject the modulesSettings in the configurator.
  • Some minor updates on the PHP documentation.
  • Refactored the modules settings to live in a service.
  • Indicate the default action when doing a prepare to reinstall.


  • Analytics: Auth config content saved in databse, because capistrano deployments didn't work with BACKEND_CACHE_PATH.
  • Api: increasing security when user is GOD.
  • Core: fix generating meta url with special characters.
  • Core: fix some authentication issues.
  • Core: year, month and day are now passed to the datepickers
  • Core: Frontend input date fields reformats date incorrect
  • Core: fix issue with the pagination-urls
  • Api: Fixed namespaces
  • Formbuilder: Fix "Illegal offset type" error on setReplyTo method
  • Core: Fixed parse method compatibility with Spoon library release 1.3.17
  • Core: Fix exception handlers by using "self" instead "this"