Fork 3.9.4 released

Today we released Fork 3.9.4. You can also follow Fork on github.


Core: Moved startProcessingHooks from Backend/Frontend to Common/Core/Model.php
Core: Save logs in an environment specific log file.
Extensions: allow more different zip formats for module uploads.
Locale: add a cli tool to import locale.
Core: move phpunit to the root of the project.
Core: save logs in environment specific files.
Analytics: improve usability + add functionality
Core: improve exception messages.
Core: remove the unused timezones table.
Core: remove unneeded require statements.
Core: add a datagrid modifier to display boolean types.
Core: bump minimum PHP version to 5.4


Core: Fixed exporting .csv files.
Analytics: Don't let Google_Client save files in the /tmp/Google_Client directory
Core: Fixed CamelCasing issues with Spoon classes SpoonDatagridSourceArray, SpoonDatagridPaging & iSpoonDatagridPaging.
Core: fix composer install on windows.
Blog: fix image deletion for revisions.
Core: fix exporting csv files