Fork 4.0.0 released

Today we released Fork 4.0.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Twig is now used everywhere
  • Core: Backend is now using bootstrap
  • Core: new backend device
  • ...


  • Blog: Fixed saving Blog articles as draft.
  • Core: Fix incorrect path for theme OpenGraphImage.
  • Core: Fixed when deploying, that /src/Frontend/Cache/Navigation/editor_link_list_x.js is now created if not exists.
  • Faq: fixes faq-category sequence reordering not being saved.
  • Pages: removed single quotes converter in CacheBuilder. This fixes page titles with single quotes.
  • Pages: Fixes "Notice: Undefined index: parent_id" when viewing a page revision where the page is located in the root of the pages tree.
  • Pages: Fixes "Error: Call to a member function addMetaData() on null" when viewing an existing revision page.
  • Core: BackendDataGridFunctions::showImage updated with url, with and height.

3.9.6 (2015-12-22) --


  • Core: Adds a function to get checkbox enum values easier.
  • Core: use mod gzip on json files.
  • Settings: add start of body scripts.
  • Profiles: add missing labels.
  • Locale: speed up index and analyse actions.
  • Core: use PSR-6 compatible caching (with an external package: scrapbook).
  • Core: use Flysystem as the cache backend.
  • Core: replace jquery ui with typeahead & bloodhound.
  • Console: make the Symfony container available.
  • Core: update Spoon Library.
  • Analytics: improve coupling your analytics account.
  • Core: make the url of the last breadcrumb item available.
  • Installer: only load installer when Fork is not installed (and in test environment).
  • Location: use https for Google maps by default.
  • Locale: create a Symfony command to install locale.
  • Locale: allow us to install locale for a module.
  • Core: add the language to the canonical url.
  • Core: upgrade Symfony to version 2.8.
  • Core: bump the minimum php version to 5.5 and allow php 7 too.
  • Ajax: add testcases for invalid ajax requests.


  • Pages: Don't get hidden pages with getUrlForBlock.
  • Pages: Fix 500 error when accessing hidden pages.
  • Console: use constants correctly.
  • MailMotor: avoid catching redirect exceptions.
  • Pages: fix array to string conversion.
  • Profiles: fix the import action.
  • Core: don't allow access to the .git folder.
  • Ajax: fix exceptions that should be handled.
  • Core: fix case mismatch in DataGrid classes.
  • FormBuilder: fix default value containing a space.


Tim van Wolfswinkel wrote 6 years ago

Welcome Twig and Bootstrap :))).