Fork 4.0.2 released

Today we released Fork 4.0.2. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: remove duplicate swiftmailer config.
  • Core: cleanup unused use statements.
  • Core: fix some phpdocs.
  • Search: fix the livesuggest action.
  • Core: fix typo: UT8 instead of UTF8.
  • Core: remove obsolete parameters on the getContent method of templates.
  • Core: fix editorconfig for twig files.
  • Core: fix indentation in twig files.
  • Extensions: fix styling of "new themes".
  • Core: fix references to tpl files in triton's info.xml file.
  • Faq: make sure the feedback works in Safari.
  • Core: include bower components in this repository.
  • Core: take the language into account when fetching the 404 url.