Fork 4.0.4 released

Today we released Fork 4.0.4. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Analytics: fixes for tracking.
  • Locale: fix removing entries.
  • Core: fix camelcase instead of ucfirst.
  • Installer: fix unreadable text.
  • Core: also use browser cache on files with uppercased extensions.
  • Analytics: refactor to avoid some bugs.
  • Core: small layout fixes.
  • Core: fix image delete with a subfolder.
  • Core: use non breaking spaces in format currency.
  • Core: fix the showBool template modifier.
  • Core: cleanup fallbacks for legacy browsers.
  • Core: remove @author tags in favor of git history.
  • Core: remove twig generation notices.
  • Analytics: fix widgets when there is no data yet.
  • FormBuilder: fix placeholders.
  • Core: fix a lot of emails and template issues.
  • Core: fix navigation with deeper levels.
  • Core: fix multiple widgets with different content on one page.
  • Core: make sure modules folder isn't required in a theme.
  • Core: fix page titles containing html entities.
  • Core: fix overflowing logs in production mode.
  • Core: fix unsupported date formats.
  • Core: fix double slash in the url causing 404's.
  • Core: fix wrongly placed form errors.
  • Core: fix usage of deprecated sprintf filter.
  • Core: fix reference to the deprecated forum.
  • Core: fix an issue when navigation didn't contain pages.
  • Core: hide the navigation after the animation.
  • Profiles: show the profiles filter titles again.
  • Groups: fix javascript issues with the group rights.
  • Groups: fix shown tabs when a user has no rights to it.
  • Groups: fix some coding styles.
  • Core: fix the sub navigation with too many entries overflowing the page.