Fork 4.1.0 released

Today we released Fork 4.1.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Location: added Google Maps API key
  • Core: multiple og:image:width and :height
  • Core: change urlencoding from RFC 1738 to RFC 3986
  • FormBuilder: Anchor added to form widget
  • Location: added zoom-leven 1 and 2
  • Github: added issue and pull request templates
  • Core: added TemplateModifier showBool alias to DataGridFunctions
  • Profiles: added SecurePage widget
  • Core: getUrlForBlock now takes data into account
  • Core: page parameter can now be changed in the pagination query
  • Twig: added a macro for the required asterisk and tooltip


  • CK Finder: fix non existent service session.handler
  • Profiles: make sure the settings are loaded in cache before a new setting is set
  • Location: fix settings not loading correctly because twig escaped the html