Fork 4.1.2 released

Today we released Fork 4.1.2. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Location: fix fetching coordinates.
  • Core: make sure our vendor folder can't be accessed.
  • Core: show file size when uploadeded file size is too big.
  • Core: remove useless variable assignement.
  • Core: change some exit statements to exceptions.
  • Core: update symfony to 2.8.9 (to include security fixes).
  • Core: remove obsolete validation.
  • Installer: remove non existent mailer service.
  • Profiles: replace spoon directory with the filesystem component.
  • Core: improve some UI issues.
  • Core: improve cache handling (during both installation and other places).
  • Core: add the translation for German.
  • Core: protected some more files using htaccess.
  • Search: show "add synonym" link when there are no synonyms yet.
  • Core: fix incorrect language variable.
  • Core: fix pagination labels.