Fork 4.3.0 released

Today we released Fork 4.3.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Make it possible to define other values for the headers X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection and X-Content-Type-Options
  • Core: The jquery function doMeta is now configurable
  • Core: Locale ValueObject is now serializable
  • Core: Add method to compare Locale
  • Core: Set meta settings on module action by passing the meta entity to the method setMeta
  • Core: Entity for the Metadata
  • Core: Symfony form type for meta
  • Core: Module Extra type value object
  • Core: Make our translations available in the translator service
  • Core: Base ValueObject and symfony form type for the uploading of files and images
  • Console: Added a command to enable a locale
  • Location: Integrated Street View
  • Location: Integrated google map styles


  • Core: The service entity.create_schema is now deprecated in favour of fork.entity.create_schema
  • Core: Deprecated our own event system in favour of symfony events
  • Tools: Deprecated tools/spoon2twig in favour of using external tools
  • Tools: Deprecated tools/install_locale in favour of app/console forkcms:locale:import


  • Core: Use FrontendModel everywhere in the Frontend TemplateModifiers instead of mixing it with Model
  • Core: Remove the usage of deprecated code
  • Core: Update outdated composer packages
  • Core: Refactor out exit statements
  • Core: Replaced dirname(__FILE__) with __DIR__
  • Core: Remove unused code found by scrutinizer
  • Core: Use font awesome as ajax spinner
  • Core: Use margin instead of padding to space the icon from the text in a button
  • Core: Update the schema instead of ignoring when the schema for the table already exists
  • Core: Replaced the deprecated twig comparator sameas with same as
  • Core: Updated CKEditor to 4.5.10
  • Mailmotor: Don't show the debug toolbar in the edit email iframe
  • Installer: Use font awesome as ajax spinner
  • Analytics: Update the explanation to link a google analytics account since google has revamped the interface (again...)


  • Core: Fix Symfony form errors font colour
  • Core: Fix loading external css files in the frontend with the addCss method
  • Blog: Fix add link on the blog index page when filtering on a category
  • Tools: prepare_for_reinstall : Ignore foreign keys when deleting the tables
  • Triton: Fix the minimum version
  • Doctrine: Fix timezone issues
  • Extensions: Fix install button not hiding on the detail page of a theme
  • Mailmotor: Fix example templates (they weren't converted to twig yet)
  • Mailmotor: Fix template not loading in iframe
  • Mailmotor: Catch the CampaignMonitor exceptions so the ajax save returns nice error messages
  • Tags: Hide the published blog posts on the tag detail if the publish date hasn't passed yet
  • FormBuilder: Fix editing a form of the FormBuilder removes the edit_link on the page editor