Fork 4.5.0 released

Today we released Fork 4.5.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Fixed exception when using Common\Language\Language in a console command
  • Core: Fixed https mixed content warnings
  • Core: Create relations when installing a module with doctrine
  • Core: Removed annotations from documentation of AbstractFile and Image type because it gave errors when validating
  • Core: Fix timezone issues with doctrine date
  • Core: Meta entity no longer shows none in the meta tag for SEOFollow and SEOIndex
  • Core: Fix stylesheetparser in ckeditor
  • Installer: Removed stray code
  • Search: Fixed live-suggest
  • FormBuilder: Fixed errors when non required radio button wasn't filled in
  • FormBuilder: Fix numeric html5 validation translation not working
  • Pages: Fix redirect icon applied to sub pages of a page that is redirected
  • Pages: Fix sitemap widget template
  • Triton: Fix html not parsed in search results
  • Profiles: Typo fixes in locale
  • Mailmotor: Fix errors when list is empty or has no users in it


  • Core: Added a basic implementation of the symfony form collection class with working add and delete buttons
  • Core: Status fields with the value hidden are now grayed out in the data grids
  • Core: Replaced bower with yarn
  • Core: Updated ckeditor to 4.6
  • Core: Added eps,svg,webp to the allowedExtensions of ckfinder
  • Core: Added FileType for symfony form that will handle everything for you
  • Core: Added ImageType for symfony form that will handle everything for you
  • Profiles: Redirect back to the page you came from when logging in with the loginBox widget
  • Pages: Page image is now also available in the subPages widget
  • Pages: Dont index content for search if authentication for the page is true
  • Pages: You can now add a subpage to a page directly instead of creating it in the root and then dragging it to the correct place
  • MailMotor: The subscribe widget is now a standalone action instead of a redirect to the full form
  • Tags: Tags that have no items in this language are no longer shown
  • Tags: Blog image is now available when displaying blogpost with a tag
  • Github: Clarification about what people need to fill in under: Resolves the following issues