Fork 4.5.5 released

Today we released Fork 4.5.5. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Add missing generated_url_selector in the form type for the meta #2116
  • Core: Add debouncer to generatedUrl to prevent spamming the server and catch events like copy/paste in addition to keystrokes #2115
  • Core: Fix deletion of uploaded images not working for file and image types #2126
  • Analytics: Hide analytics widgets when no internet connection is found #2119
  • Composer: Update php requirements since fork 4 won't work on php 7.2 #2140
  • FormBuilder: Fix required indication missing in form builder #2156
  • Mailmotor: Fix mailmotor when no mail engine is chosen #2134
  • Profiles: Fix avatar path in installer #2124
  • Profiles: Fix profile settings missing in toArray when the settings haven't been loaded previously #2147