Fork 5.0.0 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.0. You can also follow Fork on github.


Since this is a major update we also provided an upgrade guide

Some pull requests fixed bugs that were introduced during the development of fork 5 and won't be listed here


  • Analytics: Removed extra whitespace in template #2160
  • Analytics: Fixed typos and improved explanation in the translatiosn #2159
  • Extensions: Add missing translations #2100
  • FormBuilder: Fix encoded htmlspecial chars in the email #2017


  • Core: Bump minimal php version #1923
  • Core: Remove deprecated code #1941
  • Core: Add macro for datagrids #1969
  • Core: Add a cache clearing button to the backend #1993
  • Core: Added console command to generate the thumbnails #1988
  • Core: Added a datepicker #2112
  • Core: Added docker config #2038
  • Core: Cookies now need to be set with the fork.cookie service
  • Triton: After many years of service the triton theme has been retired and replaced with a bootstrap theme #1930
  • FormBuilder: Added possibility to send a confirmation mail from the form builder #1602
  • FormBuilder: Add reCAPTCHA field to formbuilder #2008
  • MediaLibrary: A new core module to help you manage media across modules #1986
  • MediaGalleries: A new core module to help you create sliders etc from media in the media library #1986
  • Pages: Adding content in a preformatted way to a page has been made easier with the addition of user templates #1958


  • Core: Moved scripts into console commands #1942
  • Core: Enable the cookie bar by default when the timezone is in europe #1957
  • Core: Improve the breadcrumb in the backend #1968
  • Core: Move from PSR-0 to PSR-4 #1975
  • Core: Improve the https htaccess entries #1979
  • Core: Change meta table to InnoDB #1980
  • Core: Move the docs from a separate repo to the docs directory #1985
  • Core: Style form elements in fork style by default #1967
  • Core: Fixed wrong documentation about installation zip #2007
  • Core: Added php 7.1 typehints and cleaned up some legacy code #2001
  • Core: Replace & by & as parameter query divider #2095
  • Core: Use post requests instead of get requests to delete items #2090
  • Core: Use symfony http code constants #2123
  • Core: Added test command to composer #2141
  • Core: Moved some symfony form types to the common namespace #2142
  • Core: File folder names now match the casing of the modules they belong to #2143
  • Core: Upgraded to symfony 3.3. #2151
  • Core: Cleaned up the fork installer code #2153
  • Travis: Add code style checks to travis #1972
  • Github: Add header image to #2117
  • Blog: Cleaned up the installer #2070
  • ContentBlocks: Cleaned up the installer #2068
  • ContendBlocks: Updated the module structure to the domain model #2096
  • Extensions: You can now switch themes using your keyboard #2144
  • Extensions: Cleaned up the installer #2071
  • FAQ: Cleaned up the installer #2072
  • FormBuilder: Cleaned up the installer #2073
  • Groups: Cleaned up the installer #2074
  • Locale: Cleaned up the installer #2085
  • Location: Cleaned up the installer #2076
  • Mailmotor: Updated documentation #1987
  • Mailmotor: Added double opt-in setting #2005
  • Mailmotor: Updated the module structure to the domain model #2145
  • Pages: Cleaned up the installer #2079
  • Pages: Pages are grouped in a nicer way when installing with demo data #2150
  • Search: Cleaned up the installer #2081
  • Profiles: Cleaned up the installer #2080
  • Settings: Cleaned up the installer #2082
  • Tags: Cleaned up the installer #2083
  • Users: Cleaned up the installer #2084


  • Core: The api has been removed from fork, it is now recommended to use a symfony bundle #1981
  • Spoon: SpoonFilter::getGetValue and SpoonFilter::getPostValue have been removed #2051
  • Spoon: The things that have been removed from spoon library can be found in its changelog
  • Mailmotor: Removed old library for campaignmonotor since we are using one via composer atm #1973