Fork 5.0.2 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.2. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Switch the upload and download icons to match the import button #2174
  • Core: Make custom for meta not required for update method #2177
  • Core: Fix active languages array #2171
  • Core: Fix casing of the private method addFrontendPathsToTheTemplateLoader #2184
  • Core: Use the correct vendor versions as stated by yarn.lock and use jquery3 #2183
  • Core: Add missing fork settings to the frontend twig template service #2173
  • Core: Fix page title not set correctly #2190
  • Core: Fix loading the meta entity from the database #2197
  • Core: Fix CKFinder not working in php7, upgrade to 3.4.1 #2193
  • Extensions: Fix old check on enum instead of bool #2179
  • FormBuilder: Fix js not running #2172
  • Locale: Fix update via ajax in datagrid #2187
  • Locale: Fix some Russian translations #2196
  • Location: Specifically state the widget action should be 'Location' #2176
  • Mailmotor: Cache interests instead of calling the api on each pageload #2175
  • Pages: Fix errors with user templates after deleting a block #2180
  • Pages: Fix user templates #2194
  • Profiles: Fix import #2185