Fork 5.0.3 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.3. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Core: Fixed wrong namespace in the upgrade guide for DataGridDatabase #2201
  • Core: Add missing entries for gulp and npm/yarn to htaccess #2202
  • Core: Fix twig cache issues in debug #2208
  • Core: Fix template modifier for getnavigation rendering child navigation as escaped html #2216
  • Core: Pimple should also be installed on production and not only dev for CKFinder #2224
  • Docs: Update media library documentation #2198
  • FAQ: Fix default value for hidden radio button #2220
  • FAQ: Fix sorting categories #2225
  • FormBuilder: Fix wrong typehint on callback in FormBuilderSubmittedMailSubscriber #2211
  • Locale: Updated and corrected translations into Russian #2206
  • Locale: Fix static translation analysers /private/locale/analyse #2210
  • Locale: Add missing translations #2222
  • MediaLibrary: Fix cropper flashing when uploading multiple images with the cropper disabled #2167
  • Pages: Fix has_children and has_extra still using enum bools #2226
  • Pages: Fix redirect dropdown missing letters in the options #2215
  • Users: Js password strength checker now returns the same result als the php version #2213