Fork 5.0.5 released

Today we released Fork 5.0.5. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Locale: Translations for the Media Library #2223


  • Core: Removed the licence info blocks in the php files #2289
  • Core: Removed the obsolete and deprecated choices_as_values option in the MetaType #2267


  • Core: Fix errors when trying to minify external assets by stopping to try #2264
  • Core: Fix exception message when a css or js file isn't found in the theme and core #2258
  • Core: Fix typo in htaccess comment #2284
  • Core: Fix wrong response from ajax calls when the call wasn't authenticated or the authentication had expired #2263
  • Core: Fixed the alt text of the Fork logo in the backend #2292
  • Core: Make the modals accessible to screen readers etc #2272
  • Analytics: Fix broken link to add api keys #2275
  • Analytics: Fix check to see if the cookie bar should be shown #2281
  • Extensions: Fix the validation of the layout settings of a template #2293
  • FAQ: Fix adding the default category widget on install #2279
  • Location: Add missing address to markers #2257
  • Location: Fix showing data in the marker #2295
  • Mailmotor: Pull in latest bugfixes for mailchimp #2276
  • MediaLibrary: Fix issues with symlinks #2265
  • MediaLibrary: Fix media group attributes not being parsed in the template #2271
  • MediaLibrary: Fix wrong return type when using the media_library_widget lightbox #2274
  • MediaLibrary: Removed the use of the target attribute since that could result in unwanted behaviour when clicking on links #2277
  • Pages: Codestyle fixes #2300
  • Pages: Don't redirect on empty pages #2270
  • Pages: Show page icon on pages tree for subpage elements with "module action" #2297
  • Profiles: Add missing new password button on the settings page #2290
  • Profiles: Fix adding a new profile in the backend #2285
  • Profiles: Fix checking if email or display name exists without excluding a profile #2286
  • Search: Content of pages with a redirect no longer shows up in the search results #2296
  • Search: Fix live suggest #2291
  • Tags: Fix tag cloud widget not showing the most used tags #2283
  • Users: Fix initialisation of the csv settings during installation #2262