Fork 5.2.0 released

Today we released Fork 5.2.0. You can also follow Fork on github.



  • Pages: Fix data-ft-block-optional can also be false of removed [#2409]
  • Core: Fix button macro with icons [#2412]
  • Blog: Add the default fallback for the rss feedback on all the usecases not just a few [#2413]
  • Tags: Fix tag edit action [#2414]
  • Profiles: Show all groups linked to a profile but fade the ones that have expired [#2416]
  • Tags: Make sure the id data attribute of tags in the datagrid contains valid JSON [#2418]
  • Core: Remove annoying whitespace in the datagrid [#2419]
  • MediaLibrary: Media Library in CKEditor - uploaded video has no selection button [#2420]
  • Pages: The edit buttons of blocks in the page edit should be anchors, not buttons [#2427]
  • Blog: Don't publish blogposts created as draft [#2443]
  • Core: Catch Doctrine's DBALException if the database connection fails [#2447]


  • Core: A11y cancel buttons [#2415]
  • Profiles: Improve the layout of the form to add/edit profile groups [#2417]
  • MediaLibrary: CKEditor media library movies [#2421]
  • MediaLibrary: Make the cropper more accessible [#2425]
  • Core: WCAG audit feedback [#2428]
  • Pages: Make it possible to access all items in navigation tree with keyboard [#2429]
  • Pages: Better default values for the moving page via settings dropdowns [#2430]
  • Core: Use macro for button buttons [#2438]


  • Core: Make it possible to disable ck editor [#2424]