Fork CMS 3.1.1 released

Today we released Fork 3.1.1. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.

Do not use this release! This release contained bugs that have been fixed in 3.1.2.



  • Locale: refactored inportXML method to also be used by installer (rather than 2 seperate "different yet the same" functions).
  • Extensions: add cronjobs info to info.xml, informational al well as for checking whether all cronjobs are set.
  • Core: upgraded Highcharts to 2.1.8.
  • Core: major improvements (codestyling, spelling, performance, ...) for JS, credits to Thomas.
  • Core: upgraded jQuery to 1.7
  • Installer: when the form in step 6 (where the actual install happens) is submitted the button will be replaced with a spinner to indicate the installer is running.
  • Analytics: added a warning when trying to link a profile when no profile was selected.
  • Blog: when there are 2 or more categories with at least one item in it, the category will be added in the breadcrumb.


  • Editing tags wasn't working because of an error in the SQL-statement in the FAQ-module.
  • Missing label, as reported by Wouter Hechtermans on
  • Pages: closing the dialog did not discard the content correctly.
  • Core: autocomplete on tags wasn't working due the change of the AJAX-calls.