Fork CMS 3.1.6 released

  • Written by Matthias Mullie on Tuesday 13 December 2011

Today we released Fork 3.1.6. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: when not in debugmode non-existing files or faulty urls shouldn't trigger an exception but a 404.
  • Core: added an getModules method to FrontendModule, analog to the backend method.
  • Core: the direct actions are no longer shown in the navigation.
  • Core: don't add a timestamp to the urls of well known libraries in the backend.
  • Core: automagic canonical-urls.
  • Core: added a new modifier stripnewlines which will remove all newlines in a string, so JS can handle it.
  • Core: added properties in the default HTML and in the Triton-theme.
  • Locale: added some missing locale, thx to wouter H,
  • Locale: the missing items are now sorted by application, type, module and name.
  • Locale: added translations for Spanish (by Alberto Aguayo -
  • Location: rewrote most of the JS, because the map wasn't showing the markers correctly, as mentioned by Wouter H on


  • Pages: default blocks now apply correctly on new pages.
  • Pages: removed extras still linked to page now no longer trigger an error.
  • Core: settings exclude & checked values on setMassActionCheckboxes now works again.
  • Formbuilder: fixed a typo, as mentioned by Tommy Van de Velde on
  • Core: when adding a JS-file with a ? in it the timestamp was appended with a ?.
  • Locale: improved translations for German (by Philipp Kruft -



Koen wrote 12 years ago

I think there's a bug in this version. When going to the tab 'Pages' in the backend. The Navigation menu on the left is messed up. It looks like there's no css applied to it or something.

Tijs Verkoyen wrote 12 years ago

Koen, do you see any JS-errors?


Koen wrote 12 years ago

No, nothing... Also, I can't really investigate it anymore since I've downgraded to an earlier version.