Fork CMS 3.1.8 released

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Tuesday 27 December 2011

Today we released Fork 3.1.8. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.



  • Core: added public methods to FrontendPage to fetch page id & page record.
  • Core: split instantiation & execution of extras, allowing extra's to be aware of other extra's on a page.
  • All: fixed a lot of <label>-tags, which improves the accessibility.
  • All: added some hidden labels for formelements that doesn't have a <label>-tag linked, which improves the accessibility.
  • Authentication: don't mention which field is required seperatly.
  • Core: no more need to use the addslashes-modifier in JS-files, it will be handled by Fork. Introduced while fixing the bug mentioned by Tristan Charbonnier on
  • Core: added a generic class that will enable you to use iCal-feeds.



Dirk Forier wrote 11 years ago


vorige week heb ik de laatste versie van Fork CMS gedownload. Momenteel ben ik er een beetje mee aan het "spelen".

Zo heb ik de "Locatie"-module willen gebruiken, maar wanneer ik het resultaat wil bekijken, verschijnt er niets (geen Google kaart of wat ook)...



Tijs Verkoyen wrote 11 years ago

Dirk, krijg je een javascript error? Of kunnen we het ergens online zien?