Fork CMS 3.2.0 released

  • Written by Matthias Mullie on Tuesday 10 January 2012

Today we released Fork 3.2.0. You can also follow Fork on GitHub.

The most significant change in this release is the adoption of CKEditor as rich-text-editor in Fork CMS.
CKEditor comes with CKFinder as it's image & file manager, which is not free of charge. However, due to the generosity of SumoCoders and Netlash-bSeen and the clearance of CKEditor, an OEM-license was purchased so that every website powered by Fork CMS - individual or commercial - is equipped with the correct license.



  • Core: integrated CKEditor into Fork CMS.
  • Core: added an extra check (parent has to be td.checkbox) for the row selection within tables in the backend.
  • Core: added cookie containing unique visitor id.
  • Core: add a class 'noSelectedState' to the table of a dataGrid to prevent the selected state to show for every row in the datagrid with a checked checkbox.
  • Core: added maxItems and afterAdd options for the multipleSelectbox.
  • Core: added a possibility to add an extra to all pages when installing forkcms with the installer function addDefaultExtra. The extra will be added to all pages without this extra.
  • Core: you can now add items to the search index in the installer of your module.
  • Core: fixed core engine url notice in frontend/ and backend/ (Notice: Undefined offset: 1) by removing an unused $get var.
  • Pages: when adding an editor field, the editor will immediately open.
  • Pages: the sitemap now correctly displays subpages.
  • Extensions: modules may now also include files in /library/external.
  • All: actions where the user has no rights for, are no longer shown.


  • Core: fixed core template override from within module action.
  • Core: added #xfbml=1 to the Facebook connect URL so Facebook plugins also work when there's no Facebook app id given in the settings tab.
  • ContentBlocks: Fixed a bug where a hidden content block assigned to a page would trigger a PHP Notice.
  • Extensions: fixed module-warnings system.
  • Extensions: fixed module upload.
  • Users: Fixed a bug that was triggered when editing a user that was not the loggedin user and when the loggedin user was not a god user.
  • Spoon: dropdown opt-group's values were reset by the array_merge function.



Novi wrote 10 years ago

Congrats everybody :)

Gonna test it out now.


Gianni wrote 10 years ago

Where do I find instructions for upgrading?