Fork public beta released

  • Written by Fork CMS on Monday 11 October 2010

Hello everyone. The past few months Fork CMS has been tested by several of you, and we made it a better piece of software because of that. We'd like to thank everyone who tested the closed beta. Today we're ready to give Fork to the general public.

We've been working on the Analytics module (Google analytics integration), Twitter module (easy way to display twitter content on your website), E-mail marketing module (send e-mails via Campaign Monitor through Fork CMS). In other words, there's a bunch of cool stuff coming up. The next 3 months we'll be working on polishing and refining the little things.

To give you an idea of the stability of this release: we're using this release for all the new websites we build at Netlash. But: please note that this is still a beta version and not a final release. We're planning improvements on the translations module and the core that may not be backwards compatible (without some custom work). So by all means, give Fork CMS a spin, but don't start building your next big project on it.

We'd like your feedback! Download the public beta, and install Fork CMS. If you need a little help, check out the documentation. If you encounter any problems let us know: e-mail or We're in the process of setting up a discussion forum.

For direct support, there's also an IRC channel, #forkcms on

Spread the word: Fork CMS is here and we're going to take the CMS world by a storm. Thank you!


Hannes wrote 12 years ago

Any demo setup planned?

Wolfr wrote 12 years ago

Yep, we've planned an easier way to test Fork CMS using a demo account, right on the web.


Brecht wrote 12 years ago

Dit ga ik toch eens bekijken deze week :) Downloading as i type... oO finished!

Michel wrote 12 years ago

Nog even de titel van de RSS feed aanpassen naar Fork CMS (staat momenteel enkel RSS als omschrijving in de RSS reader). Benieuwd naar de web demo.

Steven Noels wrote 12 years ago

Some (detail) critique from someone who was a bit of experience in releasing open source software: I want to know the software license before downloading the software - and I couldn't find that easily on the website. Also, consider switching to true open development sooner rather than late: see for instance. Open ticket tracker, open source tree and commit timeline - we're using for that and it's dirt-cheap. True open development makes sure that people don't have to wait for you folks dropping a new release tarball, but can create patches (and forks) right from the latest trunk code. Other than that, big round of applaus for releasing Fork CMS. Once you hit the scale of not being able to store/serve content from an RDBMS, have a look at our Lily content repository as a possible upgrade path.

Bramus! wrote 12 years ago

Hmmz, homepage toont 39 comments op deze post. Detail view toont 4 comments (atm) ... verkeerde telling (moderated/spam included in total)?

Wolfr wrote 12 years ago


Thanks for your critique. I agree there should be more clarity about this. For now, the license is included in a file called LICENSE in the download.

Concerning development in the open: we're working on settings up an open repo with commit timeline and ticket tracker.

@Michel Thanks for the heads-up, will be fixed

Steven Noels wrote 12 years ago

@Wolfr You're welcome. Another one: the zip file expands without a containing folder, so if I wget the zip file into my Projects folder and unzip it there, the root of my Projects folder gets cluttered with Fork files. My mistake of not checking the content before unzipping, of course.

Steven Noels wrote 12 years ago

And a final one: I have a hard time understanding the reasoning behind creating a NEW open source license, or at least that's the impression I got when reading the LICENSE file. Have a look at - I think the AGPL or Apache license is what you're after - it will give you the benefit of using an internationally recognized software license. I'm not discussing the possible good or bads of an attribution requirement license, that's up to the IP owner to decide, and we decided elsewise a long time ago.

(I'm not meaning to rain on your parade, it's all stuff we encountered 6-7 years ago which I love to share with fellow software socialists)

Wolfr wrote 12 years ago

@Bramus we are aware of this bug, will be fixed in next release. Thanks!

Bart wrote 12 years ago

@Steven: Thanks for your feedback.

We've consulted extensively with our lawyers. We do want to give the work we created back to the world - but according to the lawyers, that's impossible according to Belgian law under the standard licenses.


Joris wrote 12 years ago

default_www/.htaccess: FileETag not allowed here

Am i doin' it wrong ?

Steven Noels wrote 12 years ago

@Bart I was presuming already this was written by law practitioners - I appreciated the clear language though, which is uncommon and a nice change. I would be very interested however in hearing what drove them to such conclusions, but I guess that's outside the topic of this blog post. :-) Just out of curiosity: what legal office did you consult?

Wolfr wrote 12 years ago

@Joris we're setting up a more convenient support channel but for now try #forkcms on or e-mail the addresses mentioned in the opening post.

Thanks for trying out Fork CMS!

Bart wrote 12 years ago

@Steven: We worked with IP Porta, Clarity was one of my demands.

A blogpost about the genesis of the license is in production, and will follow soon :)

Ruben wrote 12 years ago

It's a bit of a strange installation, don't really like the way that you have to point your domain to default_www. I tried to install the cms in a subfolder but the htaccess file didn't let me, so maybe you should disable friendly urls by default. (would be nice for testing purposes)

So I had to make a subdomain which points to fork/default_www otherwise it wouldn't work. I think a lot of people wouldn't know how to do this with a standard hosting package.

Maybe also an option to delete the install folder after installation?

It looks nice and it's definitely user friendly, but I think it's a bit basic for a developer who likes to have a bit more control how to setup pages and use different variables and modules. This will probably change when the community grows, but for now I'm sticking with my trusty cms, which looks a bit like this one.

Respect and best of luck, I'll keep following the evolution of Fork, and maybe one day I'll change my mind :)

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

@Bramus: fixed.

@Joris: you should check the configuration of your vhost, if you don't have access to it, just remove the line about ETAGs

@Ruben: default_www is the default used by our favorite hosters: Openminds, but you can change it to fit your setup.

The friendly URLs aren't just an option. So it can't be turned off/on. (but I noted your remark about installing into a subfolder)

About removing the install-folder: If you try to run the installer again, it will tell you the CMS is already installed so, no real need to delete the install-folder.

Wolfr wrote 12 years ago

@Ruben the install folder stays there in case you want to reinstall Fork CMS from the same location. If you really want to delete it, feel free :).


mmattan wrote 12 years ago

There are some standard modules included in Fork CMS, but what I cannot find is a module that automatically creates a thumbnail.

Am I missing something and is this already available? Or will this be included in a next version or a separate module?

The kind of module I'm looking for could be compared to the ImageCache module that is included in Drupal.

Bauffman wrote 12 years ago

Currently we do not have a media module with image resizing capabilities, but it's on our roadmap.

If you want to dive in the code, you can use SpoonThumbnail to resize images.

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

@mmattan: There isn't a module that just creates thumbnails. But you could write your own module using SpoonThumbnail (see:

IMC wrote 12 years ago

Zullen bestaande Fork CMS klanten worden 'overgezet' naar de nieuwe versie?

Bart wrote 12 years ago

@IMC: Nee, da's niet de bedoeling. Voor onze klanten werken we heel wat maatwerk uit; dat kan niet zomaar push-button overgezet worden naar een nieuwe versie.

Toon wrote 12 years ago

@Steven @Bart Belgian copyright law doesn't actually allow an author to give away all their rights, I'm guessing that's the problem. Creative Commons licenses have been ported to Belgium, though, no idea how they managed it.

Xavier wrote 12 years ago

Nice! Too bad I did not receive an e-mail that you guys were in public beta already. Nevertheless: downloading right now!

Dieter wrote 12 years ago

@Ruben, I totally agree. The default_ww folder will 'scare' a lot of beginners who don't know how to change it. Maybe an idea to create a tutorial for this?


mmattan wrote 12 years ago

Thanks for the indication of SpoonThumbnail, I will certainly give it a try.

One additional thing: it would be nice that you could choose whether you want to receive an email when your post has been accepted and when a new comment is posted on your own comment.

Now I didn't have a clue that there were some helpfull comments.

Tijs wrote 12 years ago

@mmattan: In the next release a added a RSS-feed for each article with all comments, and a feed with all comments (on any article)

Sven De Meyere wrote 12 years ago

Verrassende (maar daarom niet minder leuke) evolutie van Fork. Ik ga er in elk geval eens mee aan de slag.

vakantiehuis wrote 11 years ago

Leuke site!. Er zijn nog weinig goede sites over dit onderwerp te vinden.

Ben blij met jullie post!

Ik kan helaas geen bookmark aanmaken naar in Firefox. :( Weten jullie hoe dit komt?

Groetjes Barbara

openingsuren wrote 11 years ago

default_www/.htaccess: FileETag not allowed here

Am i doin' it wrong ?

Tijs Verkoyen wrote 11 years ago

@Openingsuren: you can remove that line. The error means you can't alter the ETags, which is used to improve the caching.