New CK Finder license

If you have ever linked a file, or uploaded an image in an editor in Fork CMS you probably didn't noticed it, but in fact you have used the CKFinder-plugin for CKEditor. CKFinder isn't open-source, so in the past Figure8, SumoCoders and Wijs have sponsored the OEM license.

Recently we wanted to upgrade to a more recent version of CKFinder, so we had to renew the OEM license. Bubblefish, Figure8, SumoCoders and Wijs were so kind to sponsor the license for this year.

As the license is renewed a new key is in place, and this one should be used from now on. As long as you don't upgrade the CKFinder you won't notice anything.

We would like to thank Bubblefish, Figure8, SumoCoders and Wijs for sponsoring the OEM license!