New default theme and HTML5 markup

  • Written by Yoni De Beule on Tuesday 8 March 2011

As some of you may have noticed, the Fork repository on Github has been buzzing with activity lately. We are currently working hard on implementing new features, building new modules and fixing bugs. We have also developed a versatile new default theme to accompany these changes: Triton (short for King Triton).

Triton is a grid based HTML5 theme that's beautiful, accessible, easy to use and fast. We also decided to rewrite all front-end markup to HTML5 and rewrite all forms to support the Fork forms library. We'll be writing a blogpost on using this library shortly.

We are currently thinking about adding theme options to content blocks and working on easy theme switches. This will allow us to release some of the great free themes we have lined up to release to the community.

Here's a screenshot of the new King Triton theme:


Martijn wrote 13 years ago

Vandaag al een blog gemaakt op de nieuwe versie ...

Ziet er nice uit heren!

Nu die documentatie nog in orde brengen ;-)

Lester wrote 13 years ago

Looks awesome! :)


walter wrote 12 years ago

how can we replace the default theme with the ECO theme?? Documentation?

mlitn wrote 12 years ago

Hi Walter,

1/ Download & install Fork CMS

2/ Download eco theme zip file (

3/ Surf to your backend (http://<your-domain>/private) and login

4/ Go to Settings > Themes & click the "upload theme" button (right top)

5/ Select the eco theme zip-file & click "install"

6/ The theme is now installed; now click on the theme & select "save" to apply it to your site



walter wrote 12 years ago

Hi - The theme install is not working.

after i go to "Settings > Themes & click the "upload theme" button (right top)"

all i see is :

Extensions: upload theme:

and no listing of any files to upload/install.

Where does the Theme install script expect the file to be? - on my desktop? on the server?


walter wrote 12 years ago

mlitn there is one very important info that is being left out ;-)

One has to download the theme. Unzip it and upload the folder to /public/frontend/themes/eco

so far i have gotten further. But

the thumbnail of the eco theme is not displaying. why?

nor can i see the teem actually yworkin when i go to


walter wrote 12 years ago

UPDATE. i got it working after a fresh upload of the ECO theme.