Profiles module for community websites

  • Written by Bram Vanderhaeghe on Wednesday 17 November 2010

A community wouldn't exist if it weren't for the people powering it. Our answer to this is the profiles module. Fork CMS powers some high-traffic community websites (e.g.

An enhanced version of the profiles module of these websites is on it's way!
More info about pricing will be announced later.

The basic outline of the profile module's functionalities:

  • allows visitors to create a profile
  • allows people with a profile to follow each other on the website
  • provides activity streams
  • provides a way for the website manager to moderate and administer the profiles

We want Fork CMS to be the best CMS a website manager can wish for. In case of a web community, it's essential for the web or community manager to be able to monitor what's going on. So we want to make sure the profiles module can answers questions as:

  • Which users are the most active ones?
  • Which topics are trending?
  • Who's not behaving properly (e.g. spammers or trolls)?
  • How much users are frequenting the website and when?
  • ...

The answers to these questions give great insight in what 'lives' in the community. They provide input to nurture the community and make it grow.

Right now, the module is in the information architecture phase. We're defining all functionality and we're designing the wireframes. When the wireframes are finished and polished, designers and developers will transform it into a working module.

We'll keep you posted!



Rob wrote 13 years ago

Is there a module for making a webshop with fork? Something like ubercart for drupal?

Bart wrote 13 years ago

Rob, we did make a lot of webshops with the old Fork (e.g. ).

We're currently developing a new webshop module for the current open source Fork CMS.

Coming soon!

crispclean wrote 13 years ago

Any idea when these modules will be available? I'm very eager :)

Bram Vanderhaeghe wrote 13 years ago


At the moment Netlash is developing 2 community-websites that will use an early version of this module. It'll allow us to polish it and tweak the details.

So we're definitely working hard on it. Unfortunately I can't communicate a release date.

Brecht Billiet wrote 13 years ago

Looks nice,

Looking forward to that!



Rob wrote 13 years ago


Is the module for a webshop already available? Where can you find al the modules?

Dendrobium candidum wrote 11 years ago

Dear sir,

does fork have a shop module now? thanks.