Fork CMS 3.0.0 released

  • Written by Matthias Mullie on Friday 28 October 2011

Today we released Fork 3.0.0. This release marks a new milestone in the life of Fork CMS and makes us get all emo and ponder about the past, present and future of Fork CMS. I'll leave that for another blogpost though and cut right to the chase with an overview of the new features.

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Howto create a frontend widget

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Monday 19 September 2011

Because of the lack of documentation, and multiple people were asking how to execute custom code on the frontend, I wrote a brief howto on creating widgets on the frontend.

Widgets are items you can link to a block on a page. An example of a widget is a content-block. In this article we'll explain how to create your own widget that shows the last 5 tweets of your Twitter-account. We assume you have the basic fork installation covered.

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