Enable Social Tracking

  • Written by Tijs Verkoyen on Friday 1 July 2011

In Fork 2.4.2 we will introduce automagical Google Analytics Social tracking. Although 2.4.2 is yet to be released (Tuesday July 5), We want to give a quick intro on how to enable this new feature. (If you can't wait to integrate it into your personal site, you can download the code on Github)

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New default theme and HTML5 markup

  • Written by Yoni De Beule on Tuesday 8 March 2011

We are currently working hard on implementing new features, building new modules and fixing bugs. We have also developed a versatile new default theme to accompany these changes: Triton (short for King Triton).

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Build forms with the formbuilder module

  • Written by Dieter Vanden Eynde on Monday 29 November 2010

Building forms is one of those things most developers don't like to do. It's a repetitive monkey job that provides little to no satisfaction. So we created a module that allows anyone to create forms via Fork CMS. No longer do developers have to toil away at forms.

The module allows anyone to create his own custom form and link it to a page on their website, without the interference of a developer.

Options include changing the default values from form fields, to validation with custom error messages. In other words, you're able to tune the form to your liking.

But what to do with the data sent through these custom forms? The interface of the formbuilder allows you to browse through all your sent forms. Optionally, the formbuilder can send you an email each time a new form is submitted (including the form data). If you ask nicely it might even give you an export of all data.

Here's a sneak peek:

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